Carrier Library

At our meetings and special events, we often bring a collection of various baby carriers for hands-on learning. This collection is our carrier library.

The mission of this group is to provide accessible baby carrier education and babywearing support to our local community. Our library is one of the most important tools our group has to accomplish this mission.

Starting at our October 10/16 Beaverton Central Library Meet-up, we will be lending carriers!  These are the conditions for lending:

  • One carrier each month per caregiver (adult 16 years old and older)
  • $10 fee each month (scholarship options available on a case by case basis)
  • Must provide full valid contact information (Name, address, and PayPal (optional but strongly recommended).
  • Must have attend at least one meeting (May borrow at first attended meeting, but must attend entire meeting first. Not allowed to show up 5 minutes before the end only to lend if never attended before).
  • No lending outside of the two designated full carrier library meet-ups (With the exception of hiring one of our educators for a paid in-home consult).
  • Carriers must be returned to the library it was borrowed from (Washington County Library items cannot be returned to Columbia County Library  meet-ups).
  • Carriers are due BEFORE or at the START of the next meeting.
  • Carriers returned late without prior communication with a volunteer before will be automatically charged the $10 for the next month.
  • Carrier not returned within 60 days of original due date will result in automatic charge for full retail price of the carrier.  

Our library has a variety of carrier styles from various manufacturers. We strive the keep all carriers clean and in good condition for safety reasons.

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